Building Public Health Infrastructure

The Community Health Board is expanding local public health’s capacity for planning, data, and communications! Two new positions (funded by the MDH Infrastructure Grant) have been added to CHB staff. Stephany Medina, Project Manager & Public Health Planner, and Jenna Olson, Communications Coordinator, are available to work with local public health across the 4-county region on communication projects, data collection and analysis, and planning in whatever ways best suit each county. A third position—Anne Graves, Project Manager for St. Louis County—is contracted with St. Louis County Public Health in order to best meet the needs of our largest member county. Together we are working towards alignment and replicability across the 4 counties, creating platforms for sharing resources, documenting what’s working well, and sharing success stories with local, regional, and statewide partners and policy makers. 

Stephany Medina
Program Manager & Public Health Planner

Jenna Olson
Public Health Communications Coordinator

Anne Graves
Project Manager for St. Louis County